02 January 2015

Taking charge of your pedigree on FamilySearch Family Tree

James Tanner, the author of the Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad... blog, published an article about this exact topic. It is entitled, "Can I stop people from making changes to my ancestors on FamilySearch Family Tree?" He shares some vital steps that every family historian should try in order to eliminate arbitrary or mistaken changes made by new and inexperienced enthusiasts as well as old timers who may still be trying to figure out exactly how "merging" or "adding sources" work. Nothing is foolproof of course, but the following suggestions are a good start:
  1. Add as many sources as you can to each individual
  2. Correct existing entries
  3. Watch all of the family members of a target ancestor
  4. Communicate with anyone making an unreasonable or incorrect change
  5. Be persistent    
It's a wonderful post. Please take a look at it and see if you can clean up your Family Tree pedigree.

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