01 January 2015

How to create an Ancestral Name Cloud

Here's an amazing app from TreeSeek.com .  Hundreds, even thousands, of names from your family tree can be put into an Ancestral Name Cloud, with the most common family names in larger fonts and less common names in smaller fonts.

FamilySearch.org  blog writes, "When displayed in your home, it becomes a great conversation piece as guests and visitors search your cloud for their names. Name clouds can be created with only first names, only last names or a combination of both."

Here's my family surname cloud that took less than a minute to create and download:

Simply go to TreeSeek.com to make your own Name Cloud or create one of the many other family pedigree, photo, or fan charts available to download for free. You might also consider taking your download to a photo center for a top notch quality print.

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