17 January 2015

HistoryLines announces their upcoming website

I just discovered the new website HistoryLines and am thrilled to see what will be unveiled within the next few weeks.  From what I've read, users provide their relatives' vital info then HistoryLines takes it from there, writing your ancestors' stories in context with what was happening where and when they lived.

Taken from the HistoryLines.com website:
"Read a carefully-crafted, instantly created, personal history of your ancestor...History Lines gets you started with a well-written story that provides all of the relevant historical and cultural background to describe your ancestor's life in surprising detail.

Even more exciting is this statement,

"View your family in context of the impactful historical events that filled their thoughts and conversations. Explore where your ancestor lived in relation to local and national events of historic significance...Our ultimate goal is to provide a detailed and fascinating story for every person who has ever lived on planet Earth."

One of the most difficult tasks of Family History is the "History" part. A family historian needs to know more than how to discover and locate long lost relatives. A good genealogist puts that person and his life into proper perspective in history.

Time and patience are prerequisites to locating ancestors that you've never met. It takes even more time to adequately dig into the history of what was going on at the time they lived. What were the living conditions? Who and what were the political and religious influences? Were there any wars or conflicts? How about racial or religious tensions at the time? Sometimes we forget it takes more than finding a relative to truly discover them.

HistoryLines.com website promises: 
  • historical accuracy
  • academically trained researchers
  • fact checking
  • sources are cited using rigorous reference principles and format
If HistoryLines can deliver all that, they have my full support. Visit their site and see what you think.

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