29 January 2015

2015 Genealogy Plan

I've compiled a list of Educational and Family Research goals for the new year.
  • Index at least one batch of records per month for FamilySearch.org.
  • Attend class weekly at my local Family History Center.
  • Watch all recorded Roots Tech 2015 classes online.
  • Learn both RootsMagic and Legacy genealogy software programs, with an emphasis on learning to use their To-Do list and Research Log.
  • Continue to watch and update trees at Ancestry.com, MyHeritage.com, and FindMyPast.com
  • Work on obtaining additional sources for my fifth generation ancestors and find additional sixth generation ancestors. Request and order missing vital records: birth and marriage records for my grandparents and a death record for an infant brother.
  • Blog on a weekly basis. (Posts may include personal stories and photos as well as general genealogy info that I find worthy of sharing.)
 Pedigree chart generated at treeseek.com

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