19 July 2015

I Am a Pioneer

Our journey in life is unique to each of us. We don’t have to pull a handcart or settle in the untamed wilderness to be a pioneer. As we press forward with faith, we leave a legacy of hope for future generations to follow. Read about the faith and courage of some early and modern pioneers below. Then visit FamilySearch.org to discover and share your legacy for those who will come after you.

04 July 2015

How Many Signers of the Declaration of Independence Am I Related To?

Happy Independence Day!

I read a fun article at http://www.geneamusings.com. The author uses a website called https://www.relativefinder.org/ to discover which Declaration Signers he is related to. I gave it a try and this is just a portion of what the program generated for me.

It looks like I'm related to 32 signers including President John Adams and President Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock. BYU's RelativeFinder.org program can also help you discover your Mayflower connections, early LDS Pioneer heritage, U.S. Presidents, among a number of other choices.

One caveat to this program--since RelativeFinder.org taps into FamilySearch.org's Family Tree, the info you receive is only as good as the FamilySearch's worldwide family tree.  Click on the above links and give RelativeFinder.org a try.